Sunday, February 27, 2011

Adeline Michele in Okay Player!

Audio: AM Roots “Following My Heart” feat. Adeline Michele

As I get ready to close this laptop and start the weekend, I’ll leave y’all with the perfect song for whatever it is you’re about to get into. Clean the house, get black out drunk (me), dance ya ass off, it’ll work for all options. The song, “Following My Heart,” comes from Filipe Narciso and DJ Nunas (reppin Mozambique and Angola, respectively) aka production duo AM Roots. The silky voice you hear singing in Creole over the track is that of Adeline Michele (from The Crowd). The song has a strong zouk/dance element to it ( and is just the type of music you can find on Large Up or OkayAfrica). Adeline describes the song’s meaning as: “leaving the every day routine for a sunny place, making changes in your life in general and escaping from the negative.” The song has been out since the summer, but if you weren’t privy to it, you can listen below & buy it here.
AM Roots “Following My Heart” feat. Adeline Michele

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